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For those of you that haven’t heard of Google Plus yet it really is set to be the next big thing.  Especially for Internet Marketers and any one else who wants to be making money on-line.

Google Plus is Googles answer to facebook but more than that it allows you to link Google into you websites in a BIG way.

Google Plus offers more than just the usual facebook wall, the chat function etc.  Google Plus offerers you the ability to to share everything!

Sharing – If you like a site on facebook maybe a few of your friends will see it and take a look.  If you +1 a site in Google it stays in your +1 list on top of that it also adds to the sites authority on Google and with enough +1′s the site will get bumped up the list in Google search.  Just think of the difference that could make to your Google ranking!


As well as that you can add a pic of yourself to your GP account and and have it appear on the search results.

So a few of ypu may be asking how all of this will help you to make money.  Well its pretty obvious when you think about it. ..

People see a bunch of search relults, do they go to the one with 0 +1′s?  Or the one with a whole bunch of +1s?

Your looking though a page of search results and see the normal standard results then you spot a nice shiny picture of the author.  Which result do you choose?

If you set up your Google Plus account properly it could impact you site traffic dramatically and as we all know traffic = money!

Unfortunately for a lot of people GP is still in beta and that means that you cant just join up.  You need to be invited by someone that already has a GP account… Fortunately for you I DO have a GP account!

If you haven’t received a Google Plus invite yet enter your info in the box before and I will send you an invite.


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